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Frequently Asked Questions & Help

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What is DonCashback service?

DonCashback is a discount website for Amazon products which collects the latest deals to help buyers save money. Every user can choose the products they would like to buy and purchase them on Amazon at the lowest price.

Which Amazon marketplaces do you support?

Currently we only support Amazon US. We will consider expanding our service to other marketplaces in the future.

How do I get cashback deals on DonCashback?

There are 4 easy steps to get any discounts on DonCashback:

Step 1: Create a DonCashback buyer account and complete your info.
Step 2: Claim a deal and contact the seller or wait for seller’s approval.
Step 3: After seller's approval, purchase the item on Amazon and upload your order info within 26 hours.
Step 4: Review the item and then seller will verify your order info and issue a refund to your PayPal.

How do I get coupon deals on DonCashback?

1. Find the discount-off deal you want.
2. Click to get coupon code on the product page. (No points needed)
3. Click to copy the code and purchase it with direct discounts on Amazon.

Why is my coupon invalid while using it?

Coupon codes are valid only during the time specified by the promotion:

1. The validity time of code has not started on Amazon yet. Please wait for a while and use it later.
2. A promotion period of code will be expired on Amazon if you did not use it in time. In this case, you can request a new one or try to request other items first.

Why the price of the item on DonCashback is different from the price on Amazon?

A seller can change the price on Amazon but not update the price on DonCashback. You can always message the seller to confirm the discount again before making a purchase.

How should I submit my order to DonCashback?

1. The number of the products requests has reached the limit set by the seller.
2. Your available points are not enough to claim the deal.

Why are my deal request failing?

After finishing your purchase on Amazon, please sign into your account and click on My Orders > Add Amazon Order Details to submit your order information and wait for confirmation.

How can I leave a product review on DonCashback?

After receiving your item and testing it, you can click on Write a Review button to leave a review for the item on DonCashback and then share it to Amazon.

What are points? How do I use them?

To get qualified for purchasing any product and getting cash back at DonCashback requires a certain number of points. You will need to exchange your points for such deals at DonCashback. If you have no points, you are not qualified to purchase any products. Points can be earned by making deals, and you can also buy points.

How do I view my points?

Log in to your account and view the current available points in your personal dashboard section. Or click My Points for detailed information.

How do I earn or receive more points when my point balance is low?

Currently, you can earn points by inviting your friends to use DonCashback or finish tasks under your account and you can also buy points. Click My Points to view details. We also encourage users to recommend us to friends and family which helps us grow. If you can write an article or make a video about your experience and evaluation of DonCashback, we will gladly reward you with extra points.

Why didn’t I get my points for a review I wrote?

After you leave a review on DonCashback, we will verify your review within 24 hours. Please wait for the verification, and then points will be added to your account afterward.

Do the points have expiration date? How do I ensure that my points won't expire?

All points have expiration dates and are valid within 10 days. Your points will stay valid as long as you log in to your account within 10 days from your last login, or they will be reset to zero. Points that have been purchased do not expire.

What status do points hold?

The points have 3 statuses including «Available», «Frozen» and «Expired».
• «Available» means those points can be used currently to get qualified for purchasing products.
• «Frozen» indicates the points are frozen because you have already received the qualification to purchase a product and get cash back (but haven’t paid for the product yet), and the corresponding number of points is frozen waiting for your purchase.
• «Expired» means your points are overdue. In this case, those points cannot be used anymore or activated again.

Why are some of my points frozen?

When you have received the qualification to purchase one product and get cash back, a certain number of points will be frozen automatically. If you have successfully purchased a product, the frozen points will be consumed and deducted. If not, those frozen points will be automatically returned to your account.

I want to abandon the qualification to purchase the product, but the points have already been frozen.

If you don’t want a deal you have claimed, please go to My Orders under your account and click on Cancel. Then the deal will be canceled and points will be returned to your account.

Will you cover the transaction fee charged by PayPal platform?

No, We don't cover the PayPal fee. Besides, customers may incur tax and additional freight charges on Amazon.

When will my money be sent to my PayPal account?

Usually, after seller confirm your order is valid, you will receive your refund to your PayPal account. You can check the refund status under My Orders.

My order was successfully completed but why didn’t I see the refund on my PayPal?

1. Please check again and make sure the PayPal account you provided is correct.
2. Please contact the seller for further confirmation and proof of refund transaction.

How can I change my PayPal account?

Currently, buyers cannot change PayPal account on DonCashback. Please contact our customer service team ( if you wish to change your account.